When you need expertise and precision to tackle today’s design challenges, it helps to have a full service civil engineering consultancy

“Working in partnership with you, we deliver you the design information you need on time to meet your program schedule and to save you money.”

Robert Ankers


If you have a new bespoke or innovative project, a major residential site or a restructuring of commercial infrastructure, having the resource and knowledge to tackle every design challenge gives you the edge in delivery, ingenuity and accuracy.

Director lead, our co-ordinated team works in partnership with you to deliver your clients outstanding civil engineering solutions that are practical, efficient and commercially beneficial.

Going above and beyond all governing standards, our attention to detail in all our surveys, calculations, designs, detailing and specifications ensures minimal delays and added value for you and your clients.

Our Civil Engineering services include:

  • Section 102, 104, 106 and 185 drainage design and detail
  • Section 38 and 278 carriageway design and detail
  • Volumetric calculations and cut and fill balance for earthworks
  • Detailed private drainage and external works in accordance with Part H/M building regulations
  • Surface water attenuation design and detail to cater for 1:100yr+climate change as required by the Environment Agency
  • Negotiations with statutory authorities Highway retaining walls and embankments
  • Flood channel modifications and repairs
  • Culverting works
  • Site feasibility investigation/reports.

Additionally we supply SUR1 and SUR2 calculations with supporting rainwater harvesting calculations, in accordance with the ‘Code for Sustainable Homes’ and percolation testing for soak away designs.

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