Drainage is the natural or artificial removal of surface and sub-surface water from an area; we provide specialist advise on all matters relating to drainage.

  • Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS)

    Betts Hydro provides a sustainable approach drainage design by considering all possible methods and technologies and integrates them into a viable sustainable design solution. We liaise with the Local Planning Authority, Highway Authority and the Water Company to agree the best solution and we can provide detailed designs for all SUDS solutions in accordance with the requirements of Sewers for Adoption, the Building Regulations Part H and the SUDS Manual.

  • Drainage Strategy and Pre-planning Assessment

    Betts Hydro provides pre-planning advice on flood risk and drainage matters to establish and deal with constraints as efficiently as possible. This can be key in influencing the proposed planning layout and in turn can affect land value. We provide robust drainage strategies to Local Planning Authorities to enable the most sustainable foul and surface water drainage solutions to be achieved. By considering flood risk and drainage at an early stage we can provide a considerable cost benefit to our clients.

  • Detailed Drainage Design

    Betts Hydro team of Infrastructure Engineers are experienced in foul water, surface water and highway drainage design to both a private and adoptable standard. We can provide basic preliminary drainage layout ‘concept’ plans through to complete detailed drainage solutions; including calculations, detailed design drawings and packages for Building Control review or submission for adoption (S104, S106 and S185).

    We use Microdrainage for our detailed drainage designs and this is widely recognised in the UK as the industry standard. All of our designs are prepared using the latest AutoCAD or Civils 3D software.

    We prepare drainage designs for sewer requisitions and adoption procedures, and offer an independent technical review service to audit drainage designs prepared by others. We liaise with Water companies, Natural Resources Wales, the Environment Agency, Canals and Rivers Trust, Internal Drainage Boards, Local Planning Authorities and Lead Local Flood Authorities.

    We undertake Land Drainage Consent and discharge consent applications with the relevant authorities; prepare Environmental Permit applications; design adoptable standard foul and surface water pumping stations; specify septic tanks and package treatment plants; undertake surface water Soakaway designs; foul water drainage fields; surface water Outfall headwall and culvert design; specify flow control devices and oil interceptors.

  • Code for Sustainable Homes (SUR1 and SUR2)

    Betts Hydro can help you satisfy the requirements for the Code for Sustainable Homes and obtain credits where appropriate for both; SUR1: Management of surface water run-off and SUR2: Flood risk.

    We can also undertake Surface water Run-off and Storm water storage calculations to help establish drainage design criteria.

  • BREEAM (POL3, 2014)

    BREEAM addresses wide-ranging environmental and sustainability issues and enables developers, designers and building managers to demonstrate the environmental credentials of their buildings to clients, planners and other initial parties.

    Betts Hydro can help you satisfy the requirements for POL3: Surface Water Run-Off (BREEAM 2014), to enable planning requirements and/or sustainability standards to be achieved.

  • Soakaway and Infiltration Testing (BRE365)

    Betts Hydro undertake Soakaway Testing in accordance with the BRE365 to allow accurate assessment of the likely effectiveness of infiltration drainage solutions such as Soakaways or Infiltration Basins. The testing is undertaken in accordance with the requirements of the Local Authorities and Water Companies; detailed design of infiltration drainage solutions is a service we also provide.